Domino Is Evolving, Call For Action from Contributors

Paul Withers | 2 days ago | Comments
The board has just sent out the following email to contributors, which we're cross-posting on a blog to catch as many people as possible.

Dear Contributor,
First there was Lotusphere, then IBM Connect, then IBM ConnectED, then IBM Connect again, now IBM Think.

First there was the Notes Client, then Domino HTTP and servlets, then XPages and mobile, now NodeJS and Loopback are coming.

Domino 10 is around the corner; Domino2025 is already evolving.

The world of Domino app dev has changed and is constantly changing, and we know OpenNTF's project portfolio needs to change to stay current too.

Please take a moment to quickly update us on the projects you maintain:
- Project Name
- Status (Active, Complete, Not Working, Superseded by...)
- Target platform (Server only, Notes Client, Web, Mobile)
- Minimum and maximum Notes/Domino versions, if applicable
- Other active project chefs (to avoid everyone needing to reply!)
- Remove me as project chef / I'm looking for additional help with... (e.g. documentation, testing, etc.)
We will be promoting active, current projects over other projects, to help our users going forward. If you are still an active project chef, you'll also be awarded one of our new Open Badges as a contributor plus a staged Open Badge for being involved in a certain number of projects. The Open Badges initiative at OpenNTF already started last year with the OpenCode4Connections contest and will be extended to consumers as we try to increase the numbers of reviews on your projects.

Thank you for your time,
OpenNTF Board

We want to reiterate, we're not planning on removing projects and this is just a first step. We want to make it easier for consumers to find useful projects and reward our contributors. We want to help build an ecosystem of contributors around projects and transfer projects, where appropriate. And we want to be more ready for the future. This will require some additional work behind the scenes, we know, some of which has already been done with staged badges for contributors. But it will enable us to be a better hub for existing and new Domino developers.

If you are a contributor and did not receive the email, please respond to contributions at

Congratulations, Paul Withers!

Oliver Busse | 2 months ago | Comments

pw_lifetimechamp.jpgWith great pleasure, the OpenNTF board likes to announce the latest achievement of one of our board members, Paul Withers, who was awarded the IBM Lifetime Champion on last Sunday at the IBM Think conference in Las Vegas!

Paul does a great job over the years in the community being one of the core members of OpenNTF, the Extlib and ODA developer tribe and a frequent and reliable creator of highly valuable blog posts regarding all things ICS, XPages, Java and technology overall.

"The IBM Champion Lifetime Achievement award recognizes an IBM Champion who stands above their peers for service to the community. Over multiple years, these IBM Champions consistently excel and positively impact the community. They lead by example, are passionate about sharing knowledge, and provide constructive feedback to IBM. The Lifetime Achievement award provides automatic re-nomination into the IBM Champion program for the duration of the program, plus other benefits."

Paul was awarded along with other great people that we also want to mention:

  • Roberto Mazzoni
  • Alex Ivanov
  • Tiago Moura
  • Pete Massiello
  • Stuart Litel
  • Klaas Brant

Congrats again to you all - keep up the good work!

Open Badges Updates plus Website Changes and Fixes

Paul Withers | 2 months ago | Comments
Over the weekend we announced two new open badges available for those who run user groups, There is one that's generic for OpenNTF and one that's for OpenCode4Connections. If you run a user group and would like either or both of these badges, please contact Paul Withers (you've almost certainly got one social media access route!).

We're aware there have been issues recently posting discussions, defect and feature requests via the website and for a bit longer replying to any of these. Some work has been done over recent days that should have resolved all those issues now. The refactoring has been part of more significant streamlining in the design, particularly around registration, password management and account maangement. In time this will be extended further into capturing last login. As ever with a site as long-running as OpenNTF, there are a large number of old and possibly redundant accounts but currently no way to identify them. This work will eventually allow us to manage the infrastructure better. No significant changes will be occurring in the short term and we will keep you apprised.

For the same reason we will soon be reaching out to contributors to try to identify current active projects. There will be a number of projects where the main project Chef no longer works with IBM technologies, where the project has been abandoned or superseded. This will allow us to keep the list of main projects fresher as we go forward. This may mean we reach out for people to take over projects, if they wish them to remain active, but rest assured nothing will be removed without notice.