Naveen Maurya has contributed a really nice set of charting controls as part of the development contest - Java Charts Controls.

The Java Charts controls enable you to create various types of charts and display them on your XPages. They also provide an ability to export these charts to PDF files.

The controls use JFreeChart to create charts and iText to export those charts to PDF file.

The following types of charts are available:

1. Pie
2. Pie 3D
3. Ring
4. Gantt
5. Area
6. Bar
7. Bar 3D
8. Line
9. Line 3D
10. Stacked Area
11. Stacked Bar
12. Waterfall

Watch this video or check out the screenshots below.

A picture named M2

A picture named M3

Here is the XPages source showing how to access NSF data:

A picture named M4

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