We have been working recently on getting a much higher percentage of OpenNTF submissions into the Catalog – as we push for more high quality OpenNTF projects.

Getting a project listed in the Apache or GPL Catalog means that:
- the authors contributions are licensed to OpenNTF under an ICLA or CCLA (this is now required for any OpenNTF contribution);
- any third party code is listed, and that the licenses are compatible;
- that we inform the US government of any encryption code. (legal requirement);
- the project code is functional and that there is sufficient documentation.

So, as IP Manager, I have been scanning all the projects that have been submitted since January 1, 2011.  When I find problems, such as code taken from some website without a clear license, or an encrypted nsf, or a Notice file that does not list all the 3rd party code in the submission – I send an email to the author requesting that it be fixed.

In only a few cases will we actually pull the code off the site. This might happen when there is a clear license incompatibility (such as using GPL code in an Apache project), or if the source code has not made available.  

We are working on the website to clarify when projects are in the Catalog.  Currently, the project and release pages have an “In Catalog” line – but due to a bug, the answer seems to be nearly always “no”.  We are working on fixing that – and the answer for the vast majority of 2011 submissions will soon be “yes”.  So you will have some assurance that reasonable checks have been done to check for IP issues.

I'll post further updates as we move forward on making OpenNTF a site for trusted software.

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