Just wanted to quickly share some numbers.

Over the last month we have received 40 new releases from people in the community plus more releases from IBMers. This is more than OpenNTF has ever had in one month.

Part of the reason for the high number of contributions is certainly the development contest sponsored by We4IT. So far developers published 20 reusable XPages controls.

Since mid of October 2010 we've listed XPages related articles on XPages.info. This week we reached 500 articles. Only in the first half of this month we got >40 articles which is 3 per calendar day.

Non code contributions are also increasing. Especially for the Extension Library we get a lot of input. Since September last year 350 documents (discussions, defects, requests, etc.) have been created.

The number of downloads is also pretty high. In the first half of this month 8000 releases have been downloaded.

The number of visitors is also higher than in the last two years.

A big thank you to everyone supporting and helping OpenNTF and the XPages community in any way!

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