There are several ways to find out what's going on in your XPages applications. Some tools like Firebug are well known, but other tools and features might be a little hidden.

XPages Toolbox

The XPages Toolbox provides several features to monitor XPages applications. There is a CPU profiler (see screenshot), a backend profiler, run time monitoring, a memory inspector and logging functionality.

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Medusa is a Firebug extension. It displays the server side DOM (see screenshot) and you can type in code in a command line that is executed on the server.

Update:  As commented by Nathan below the current version is not compatible with 8.5.2.

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XPages API Inspector

The XPages API Inspector helps to find out what Java classes are used on server side for the UI elements and displays their methods and fields.

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Debug Java Code

The big advantage of writing server side code with Java (instead of server side JavaScript) is that you can easily debug it. This video describes how to debug Java code in a NSF.


You can use OpenLog to print debug and error messages if you use some extra code from TaskJam. Mark Leusink describes how.

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