Manfred Lenz has contributed a new version of his project File Explorer. He describes the new functionality below. Manfred also mentioned that going forward he wants to evaluate how to merge his unique functionality, e.g. search, into the File Navigator.

It is now possible to search files within a selected folder
Two Interfaces are available:

- Integration with Lotus Notes searchbar
- A search window/tab

New and improved Dialogs, support of deleting/copying multiple files and folders including subfolders.

Shows the size of folders

Desktop folder
Desktop folder is now available in list of drives

Support of OS icons (Windows)
It is possible to switch between OS and FamFam Icons

Networkshares (Windows)
Added support for networkshares

1st Level root entries as drives (Linux)
Allows to select the 1st level root entries of the linux file system as drives

A picture named M2

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