At Lotusphere 2011 IBM announced the new IBM Social Business Toolkit. The new OpenNTF project Social Enabler contains tools and controls to use this toolkit from IBM Lotus Domino XPages.

Technically this project shows how to use the following technologies in the context of XPages:
- OAuth
- SocialGadgets

The first version of this project contains the following parts:

1) Usage of the built in XPages JSON library and development of custom REST services
One of the best unknown nuggets in the XPages runtime is that it comes with it's own JSON library out of the box. These samples show how to use this library.

2) OAuth samples how to read from and write to the SBT
The project contains a NSF that includes a Java OAuth library and all of the necessary dependencies. With this library services like the SBT but also Twitter, etc. can be easily accessed.

3) Wrapping XPages in SocialGadgets and display them in the embedded experience
This screenshot shows an XPage rendered in the embedded experience of the IBM Social Business Toolkit.

A picture named M2

We'd like to add more functionality to this project over time demonstrating how XPages applications can be made social.

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