We have been getting questions on how to run to be an OpenNTF Director, and what does an OpenNTF Director do. Basically, to run as a Director, you just need to send a note to IP-Manager@openntf.org, asking to run, by October 7. There is no formal nomination process other than this.  You can run as a:

– Member Director – if your company is a Member of OpenNTF.  (Only one person per company can be a Member Director).

Contributor Director – if you are a registered Contributor of OpenNTF.

Then, by October 7, you need to send the IP Manager a one paragraph statement stating why you should be an OpenNTF Director. The statements will be made available to the voters.

OpenNTF Directors set the direction of OpenNTF.  There is a conference call every two weeks in which the Directors discuss the current issues, propose OpenNTF initiatives, and set the policies of the corporation. Some Directors also participate further by encouraging their colleagues in their company to contribute code to OpenNTF, work on the OpenNTF infrastructure, or be involved in the IP issues or technical directions of the group.  This involvement depends on the interests and available time of the Director.  

As of early Friday morning (Sept 30), we have 8 people in the running – with one week to go before nominations close. If you have any questions on this -  just let us know.

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